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Ammonia Chiller Brisbane

Manufacturers of refrigeration components are starting to use ammonia instead of CFC and HCFC. Find ammonia chiller in major cities of Australia such as Brisbane among many others.

Why use an ammonia chiller over other refrigerants chillers?

Following the ban of virgin hydrochlorofluorocarbon, better known as HCFC in 2010 and the planned ban of recycled HCFC in 2014, many manufacturers dealing with refrigerant are now moving towards using ammonia. Refrigerants are widely used in compressors and chillers, thus the need to find a suitable replacement for the widely used HCFC. Ammonia has been used for centuries for its refrigerant characteristics. ammonia is a cost-effective, efficient alternative to CFCs and HCFCs that is also safe for the environment. Ammonia has four major advantages over other refrigerant, they are cheaper, more efficient, safer and ammonia-based equipment such as an ammonia chiller can cost up to 20% less to manufacture.

Buy or rent an ammonia chiller or other refrigeration components or systems throughout Australia, in cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.