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Ammonia Compressor Sydney

Ammonia compressor are widely used in refrigeration systems. Rent or buy one in Melbourne, Sydney or other major cities of Australia.

What is an ammonia compressor?

Compression systems refrigerate by changing a refrigerate, such as ammonia, sulfur dioxide or propane among others, from a liquid state to a gaseous state and back to liquid. The different change of state is what creates the refrigeration. An ammonia compressor is thus a mechanical device that creates refrigeration. The process is rather simple. A compressor compresses the ammonia gas, which heats up. It then travel through a system of coils to dissipate the heat; as it cools, the gas turns into liquid that is still under pressure. This pressurized liquid is then passed through a small hole or port into a low-pressure area. The drop in pressure causes the gas to instantly boil and vaporize, which causes the temperature to drop significantly and creates the refrigeration effect.

Ammonia compressor are very easily available in many cities of Australia such as Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.