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Chiller Rental Melbourne

Among other refrigeration equipment, ColdForce also offers a very convenient chiller rental service in Melbourne.


Very important for all refrigeration systems...

The main purpose of a chiller is to remove heat from one element and to deposit it into another. As such, it is a very important component of all refrigeration systems. It prevents overheating of important elements, which could otherwise be very dangerous. In case you are planning on buying a chiller, there are many factors you must take into consideration, like total life cycle cost, the power source, chiller IP rating, chiller cooling capacity, evaporator capacity and evaporator material among many others. Coupled with the general price of a brand new chiller, it is not a surprise that many prefer to get a chiller rental service rather than buying one.


Chiller rental services are available in all the main cities of Australia, such as Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane among others.