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Industrial Refrigeration Adelaide

No modern cities can survive without industrial refrigeration nowadays, be it Adelaide in Australia or Manchester in England. The whole food manufacturing, storage and distribution system depends on it.

Importance of industrial refrigeration...

Industrial refrigeration plays a crucial role in sustaining a healthy and controlled food manufacturing, storage and distribution system. Given the delicate nature of most of the fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry and even dairy products we consume by tonnes everyday, the whole system will collapse without a proper refrigeration system. As from the manufacturing process of many of these products, up until they reach our plates, they are kept at a constant temperature. And this has been made possible with industrial refrigeration; from cold rooms to refrigerated trucks and display units. As every cities in the world, the food chain in Adelaide also depends greatly on industrial refrigeration to be maintained.

The ColdForce team are professionals in ammonia refrigeration systems. With their knowledge and extensive experience in the field, they are capable of installing, maintaining and repairing all types of refrigeration units.