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    Rental Plants

    We offer rental plant equipment on both short and long term arrangements with the option to buy out. Renting plant from us provides flexibility for our customers to meet seasonal demands, short and medium term contracts without the need for large capital investment, or to cover maintenance plant shutdowns.

    Renting plant from us is a fixed price which includes all maintenance, spare parts and water treatment.

    Our rental fleet includes air cooled fluid chillers from 65kW up to 500kW capacity. Industrial ammonia chillers from 250kW up to 1650kW. We even supply complete plants for cold storage, blast freezing systems, spiral freezers and ground freezing plant.

    Our rental units are set up with remote monitoring and have automatic dial out function should a fault occur. Our on-call technician can easily check via smart phone to diagnose the fault.



    If you’d like to engage our services, simply fill in the contact form below, or call us on (03) 93180903